Award Categories

The Categories

In the Safety Awards, there are various categories that entrants may be allocated to.

Note: based on your entry, NISO/NISG will decide the appropriate category / award [if successful] for your organisation. You do not elect to choose the award.

Supreme Safety Award
(sponsored by Phillips66 Ireland Limited)

Gold Award

Silver Award

Bronze Award

President’s Category Awards
• Overall small company award, less than 50 employees
• Overall medium company award, 50–100 employees
• Overall large company award, more than 100 employees
• Overall construction award (sponsored by the Construction Industry Federation)
• Overall chemical / pharmaceutical award
• Overall new entry award
• Overall Regional / Northern Ireland award

Business Category Awards
• Agricultural Produce
• Consultants (Safety, Management, etc.)
• Education and Training
• Electronic / Electrical Manufacturing / Assembly
• Facilities Management and Services
• Financial / Insurance
• Food/Drink
• Healthcare Providers
• Local Authorities/Councils
• Information Technology and Computer Services
• Local Authorities/Councils
• Mechanical Engineering / Manufacturing / Assembly
• Medical Devices
• Public Service (Government Services, Public Bodies, Semi-State, Emergency Services, Prisons, etc.)
• Retailing/Wholesaling
• Sport / Leisure
• Transport / Distribution / Storage
• Transport and Vehicle Maintenance
• Utilities / Telecoms Providers (Power Generation / Distribution,
• Telecoms, Water, Gas, etc.)
• Voluntary, Social and Community
• Waste Management
• Other Manufacturing
• Other Services

Chemical / Pharmaceutical Awards
• Speciality Chemicals
• Pharmaceuticals [Fill Finish]
• Pharmaceuticals [Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (API)]
• Consumer Products

Construction Awards
• Building Services
• Civil Engineering
• Consulting Engineers
• House Building
• Industrial/Commercial
• Insulation and Energy Conservation
• Mineral Extraction/Quarrying/Concrete Products
• Road Surfacing
• Specialist Contractor
• Utility Services

Consistent High Achiever Awards
These awards are made to organisations who have achieved a Distinction Award or greater over the previous five years.

Regional / Northern Ireland Awards
• Northern Ireland
• East [Dublin, Kildare, Wicklow]
• Midlands [Laois, Longford, Offaly, Westmeath]
• Mid West [Clare, Limerick, Tipperary North]
• North East [Cavan, Louth, Meath, Monaghan]
• North West [Donegal, Leitrim, Sligo]
• South East [Carlow, Tipperary South, Waterford, Wexford]
• South [Cork, Kerry]
• West [Galway, Mayo, Roscommon]

New Entry Awards
Not featured in the overall category awards
• Small, less than 50 employees
• Medium, 50–100 employees
• Large, more than 100 employees

Distinction Awards

Highly Commended Awards

Commended Awards

Merit Awards

Recognition Awards

Occupational Health Award
sponsored by Health and Safety Authority (HSA) and Health & Safety Executive for Northern Ireland (HSENI)

Now in its second year, this award is designed for companies who demonstrate clear evidence that they manage a clear and proactively structured occupational health programme for their employees. This programme should be based on the hazard identification and risk assessments applicable within the company and may include such items as, Pre-employment medicals, Periodic medicals, Hearing, Vibration, Skin Care, Respiratory issues, General Health issues, EAP, Shift Work, Diet, Hygiene matters, etc.

No separate entry is required but the winner will be selected from all entries who can demonstrate and provide evidence that their occupational health programme is top class. This award will be made in addition to whatever other award the successful organisation has achieved.

Superior Performance Award
sponsored by Anderco

This new award, sponsored by Anderco, will be presented to an organisation that demonstrates as much evidence as possible that they provide a safety working environment for their employees, visitors, contractors, public, neighbours, etc. Superior performance is defined as measures introduced over and above the legal requirement to do so.

No separate entry is required. To be in with a chance to win this award, you must include as much evidence of superior performance in Section 11 of the Awards.

The organisation that scores the highest mark in Section 10 will be awarded the Superior Performance Award, sponsored by Anderco, for 2016.

Driving for Work Award
sponsored by Merrion Fleet Management Ltd.

The Driving for Work Award, as part of the overall Occupational Safety Awards 2016, is a newly introduced award requiring entrants to demonstrate evidence of the following in relation to driving for work: policy, planning, practice, measuring performance and reviewing performance. The entrant who scores highest in Section 10 relating to Driving for Work will win the inaugural “Driving for Work Award 2016 sponsored by Merrion Fleet Management Ltd. This award will be made in addition to whatever other award the successful organisation has achieved.

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