28 August 2017

Letter sent by post on 28 August 2017 to all safety awards entrants indicating if you have won an award and if so, your category of award. Expect to receive this letter on Tuesday, 29 August or Wednesday, 30 August 2017. Accompanying the letter are:

  • Marking Structure for 2017 Awards [This explains what awards applys to each of the categories]
  • A more detailed explanation of the award categories and the changes from 2016.
  • Nomination form [A form for organisations to nominate the person who will collect the award on 13 October in Galway. Use web address or scan the QR code.]
  • Checklist
  • NISO 54th Annual Conference flyer
  • NISO Safety Representative of the Year Award [Details of the NISO Safety Representative of the Year Award in association with The CPL Institute. The closing date 1 September. Many award entrants have detailed the work of safety representatives and safety committees os why not enter. The level of detail required is not onerous and the winning Safety Representative will attend the dinner with a partner / colleague in Galway to receive their award and a cheque for €600].
  • Workplace Safety Training brochure [are you an employers with new recruits, returning to work employees, persons who have entered your organisation from a different background, etc. then your organisation should avail of this training. We are able to offer this one day training for €20 as it is subsidised by Insurance Ireland
  • NISO Certificate in Safety, Health and Welfare at Work [A 13 week course run in 4 locations – Dublin, Athlone, Limerick and Waterford, one evening a week commencing in September. The course is a cost effective investment that raises awareness, sharpens and focuses the mind in order to increase and promote health and safety at work and it helps reduce the risks of incidents. The aim of the course is to provide the learner with the knowledge and skills to enable them to communicate safety and health information to peers and supervisors on a range of occupational safety and health issues in the workplace. It also gives the participants the necessary tools to help promote a culture of safety and health in the workplace.
  • NISO Training Brochure


21 August 2017

Safety Awards Update Email

Email sent on 21 August 2017 stating expected timelines, contact information for checking and name on Award if successful. The email also highlights the fact that the Safety Awards “bar” was raised this year and that while the value of the awards have not changed, we are keen to draw a distinction between the competitive and non competitive awards to give clarify to you as entrants.


28 February 2017

Workshop Slides

Workshop Slides have been added to the workshop and may be obtained from the downloads page


15 February 2017

Northern Ireland Awards Workshops confirmed

Belfast; 21 February 2017; 14:00hrs
Phoenix Natural Gas, 197 Airport Road West, Belfast, BT3 9ED
Bookings: Click here

Cookstown; 22 February 2017; 10:00hrs
McAleer & Rushe Ltd, 17-19 Dungannon Road, Cookstown, BT80 8TL
Bookings: Click here


23 January 2017

High Achiever Awards

Organisations who have maintained high levels of consistency over a continuous five year period achieving a minimum of distinction level will receive a High Achiever Award on 13 October 2017 in the Radisson Blu Hotel, Galway. This award is made in addition to the Award they receive in the main competition.


23 January 2017

Ancillary Awards 

Three organisations will win one of the above coveted awards. These awards are in addition to whatever award your organisation achieves. Find out on 13 October 2017.