Communication, Consultation and Promotion

7. Health and Safety Communication, Consultation and Promotion

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Promoting health and safety in any organisation is very important in developing and maintaining a positive safety culture. Consultation and communications with employees, contractors, visitors and other interested parties demonstrates management’s commitment to continual improvement in health and safety standards. Health and safety policies and procedures should be developed and implemented to address barriers to effective communication (literacy, language, disabilities, etc).

This section covers all health and safety communication which is not requested specifically elsewhere and covers all aspects of the organisation, e.g. employees, contractors and visitors. Organised health and safety promotions and campaigns are proven ways of raising employee, and their families, awareness of important issues.

Supporting evidence required in key areas associated with this section must include current evidence of implementation and review. Examples of the evidence required:

  • Health and safety communication at all levels within the organisation;
  • Communications with others (contractors, visitors, other interested parties, etc.);
  • Consultation with employee representatives (trade union, employee representatives, safety committees [to include membership structure and terms of reference], etc.);
  • Participation in internal and external health and safety promotions and awareness programmes and campaigns;
  • Minutes of health & safety committee meetings with identified roles/job titles of attendees;
  • Policies and procedures relevant to the above;
  • Evidence of implementation of the above.