Hazard Identification and Risk Management

3. Hazard Identification and Risk Management / Assessments

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Risk management is a vital element of health and safety management. Organisations should establish a process for identifying significant health and safety hazards within its operation and implement suitable and sufficient risk assessment processes to address both routine and non- routine activities. Procedures should also be established to review all risk assessments following significant changes to any process, organisational change or incident history.

Supporting evidence relating to 2016 required in key areas associated with this section must include current evidence of implementation and review.

Examples of the evidence required:

  • Hazard identification;
  • Risk assessments;
    • Asbestos Management
    • Driving for Work;
    • Stress;
    • Chemicals;
    • Inappropriate behaviour;

      The above list is non exhaustive.

  • Prevention and control measures;
  • Analysis of routine and non-routine activities;
  • Analysis of significant changes;
  • Communication of results and controls.
  • Copies of risk assessments, e.g. bullying, violence, aggression, abuse, etc. relevant to the above;
  • Evidence of implementation of the above.

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