Superior Performance

10. Demonstration of Superior Performance in Health and Safety

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There are a number of ways for organisations to demonstrate their superior performance in health and/or safety. This could include but is not limited to:

  • Evidence of an excellent health and safety culture within the organisation;
  • Evidence of how best practice is identified and promoted within the organisation;
  • Evidence of promotion of health and safety standards externally with contractors and sub-contractors, suppliers, other interested parties, etc.;
  • Evidence of effective health & safety supply chain management;
  • Evidence of providing advice, support and assistance to other organisations;
  • Evidence of how the organisation caters for persons with disabilities;
  • Evidence of innovative solutions;
  • Evidence of corporate social responsibility;
  • Evidence of wellbeing, counselling, lifestyle initiatives;
  • Evidence of promoting employees to participate in CPD schemes (e.g. drivers, engineering, HR, health & safety, etc).
  • Evidence of attendance at NISO/NISG conferences, seminars, courses, quizzes, etc.