FAQs: Application

FAQs – The Application

What are the benefits to my organisation of entering?

You are showing a commitment to health and safety by entering. This commitment is shown to your organisation’s employees and management, your suppliers, customers and visitors. You get to benchmark yourself against other successful Irish companies. Feedback received by the organisers is that it will be the cheapest and most cost effective safety audit you can do for your organisation. Winning an award will bring immense benefits to your organisation whereby you can celebrate success.

I am interested in the All Ireland Occupational Safety Awards? What do I do?

Firstly, register your interest with NISO/NISG. Organisations based in the Republic of Ireland register here. Organisations based in Northern Ireland register here. We will forward you further information or contact you when appropriate.

Next, browse this website as it is the main source for information relating to the All Ireland Occupational Safety Awards but some information may be available from NISO [www.niso.ie] or NISG [www.nisg.org.uk] websites.

Check your membership status with NISO or NISG. Only paid up members are eligible to enter.

Is it difficult to put my entry together?

Entry to the Safety Awards is submission based and therefore your attention to the paperwork submitted is important. Generally, NISO/NISG are seeking a submission which should be no more than a folder [lever arch file], therefore, keeping the information concise is important.

Can we submit the Awards entry form and send the submission later?

No. Any organisation wishing to enter the Awards Scheme needs to ensure we receive by the deadline stated on the Awards Brochure:

* Interactive fillable entry form which can be filled in using Acrobat Reader [PC/Mac] or Preview [Mac]

Can I send in a cheque prior to the early bird closing date and send my submission in after this early bird closing date?

No, the early bird price relates to the latest date when the submission and payment are received. If either is missing before the closing date, the normal fee applies. The same principle applies for the normal closing date.

When is the award deadline, at what time?

The Award deadline is the date stated on this website and should be no later than 5pm. Missed deadlines will incur a larger fee.

How can I submit a late entry?

You need to contact us in writing at <awards@niso.ie> or <info@nisg.org.uk> by the normal closing date and let us know why you wish to avail of the late submission and that you appreciate this incurs an extra cost.

Who are the workshops for?

The workshops are designed for organisations who have never entered before and are interested in learning more about putting together a submission. The workshops are also for those organisations who have previously entered the awards scheme and who are interested in obtaining ideas to enable them to improve their entries in the current year.

I have a number of plants / sites. Can I make multiple entries?

Organisations may make a submission based on the whole organisation’s activities or a particular branch, site department or office. There is no restriction on the number of entries as long as the submissions are based on different locations. In occasional circumstances, we may also accept an entry from a particular department of an organisation. The resulting award, if successful, will reflect the type of entry made, for example, if an organisation submits an entry based on the whole organisation, the award will be made to the organisation, if successful. If the entry is based on a site, department or plant, then the award will reflect this.

Can I make two or more entries from the same organisation?

Yes, provided the entries are based on different locations. The award made, if successful, will indicate the location / site, etc.

What is the deadline for submitting an entry?

Normally the deadline for submitting an entry is in late May or early June. The deadline is stated on the Dates and Fees page on this website.

There is an early bird fee for entries received and paid for by the early bird closing date. Check the promotional brochure and other pages on this website for closing dates. In exceptionally circumstance and where we have been previously notified and approval given, late entries may be accepted subject to an additional late entry fee.

Questions you may have regarding the Entry Form

If you conduct work nationally or in a number of regions, insert the region of the organisation’s address.

Sub Categories (relating to Construction and Chemical / Pharmaceutical industries):
If your work is Construction or Chemical / Pharmaceutical related, please fill in the sub category (one only) that forms the greatest part of your business during the year under review.

Name of Organisation for Award purposes:
Pay particular attention to the exact name you wish to appear on your award should you be successful in winning an award. Attention should be given to punctuation, Limited or Ltd., GmBH, plc / PLC, etc. It is important that the award name reflects the entry submitted, for example,  ABC Ltd. has a few sites located around the island of Ireland but decides to enter based on their work arising from their plant / site in Cork. The name of the award cannot be in the name of ABC Ltd. as this would signify that the whole organisation was successful in winning an Award. The Award name must represent the entry and in the above case would be something like ABC Cork Ltd., ABC Ltd. – Cork, etc. NISO/NISG reserves the right to rename the Award Name where it feels it is not representative of the entry submitted.