FAQs: Celebration

FAQs – Celebrating the Success

How do I collect or receive my Award?

A Safety Awards Presentation Ceremony Dinner is normally held in October / November (2024 – 11 October) and successful companies are invited to attend to collect their awards. Where possible, every effort is made to secure the attendance of the relevant Minister with responsibility for Occupational Health and Safety. The event is an enjoyable social event.

If due to government legislation / public health guidance we are unable to host the dinner awards, the ceremony will be moved online on the same date.

I have never been to the Awards Ceremony and I am not sure whether I should attend?

We cater for all groups and individuals at the Awards ceremony dinner. Some of the bookings are large with perhaps one or two tables booked. In recent times we have had to place restrictions on the numbers attending from each organisation to ensure fair representation at the Awards Ceremony. On other occasions, individual bookings are made by ladies and gentlemen. Irrespective of the type of booking, where possible, we will ensure that we seat all guests appropriately for advance bookings. Since 2018, organisations have been able to view the awards dinner plans online and make bookings by selecting their preferred tables and seats locations online. Persons may not be seated together if bookings are made late.

Can I request to sit with someone from another organisation?
In the past this was possible as the seat allocation was made by NISO personnel. Since the advent of online table and seat selection since 2018, this is no longer possible. We advise that you consult with the other organisation and agree to book a certain table(s) / seats to ensure that you are seated together or near each other.

What is the dress code for the Awards Presentation Dinner?

Men, normally: dress suit / smart casual. Ladies, normally: cocktail dresses / smart casual.

Who arranges Accommodation Bookings?

While bookings for the Awards dinner and annual conference are made through NISO, accommodation bookings are normally made directly with the hotel or venue quoting NISO to obtain the best rates.

No representative of my organisation is available to attend the Awards Ceremony dinner? How do I collect my Award?

Most organisations make every attempt to have a representative attend as it is a national event with Ministerial recognition. Many organisations use the opportunity to thank their committee members, employees, etc., for their contribution to health and safety within their organisations over the last year. If it not possible to attend, you should contact NISO as the organiser to convey this message and also to make arrangements to collect your award from NISO/NISG in the days after the Safety Awards Ceremony.

What are the photographic arrangements?

NISO/NISG will provide a photographer who will be present on the night and take photographs of each nominated person collecting their award on behalf of their organisation. There will also be opportunities for photographs to be taken of organisational representatives in groups. Requests for these photographs can be made through NISO. No charge has been applied for photographs since 2014. Should you not wish your photograph to be taken at the gala dinner, you should make this known to the photographer. Should you wish to have a photograph removed from our website / online site controlled by NISO / NISG you should make this known and NISO/NISG will make every effort to remove same.

If you have any other query relating to the Occupational Safety Awards, please contact NISO <awards@niso.ie> or NISG <info@nisg.org.uk>