Guide to Entering for the Safety Awards

This section of the website guides you in how to make a submission for the All Ireland Occupational Safety Awards.

The first sub section of this guide gives useful starting notes on what is expected from an organisation that intends to submit an entry to the Awards. It provides useful tips on what you should and should not submit with your entry.

We then list the twelve broad criteria on which your submission is marked and give useful guides or prompts on what you should be at least covering under each of these twelve headings.

The twelve categories on which you will be marked are:

1. Statistics and Accident History* [see page 2 of the entry form]

2. Health and Safety Management

3. Hazard Identification and Risk Management

4. Implementation and Operation of Health and Safety Policies and Procedures

5. Health and Safety Communication and Consultation

6. Proactive Health and Safety Management

7. Occupational Health and Occupational HygieneNEW FOR 2020

8. Workplace Health and Wellbeing

9.. Health & Safety Training

10. Reactive Health and Safety Management

11. Emergency Preparedness and Response

12. Work Related Vehicle Safety (including Driving for Work)

Download the awards guide [prompt list] [pdf; 813kb]

* Interactive fillable entry form which can be filled in using Acrobat Reader [PC/Mac] or Preview [Mac]