Health and Safety Management

2. Health and Safety Management

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An effective health & safety management system and health and safety policy should provide a clear sense of direction for the organisation. It should identify relevant objectives and initiatives with a structure to deliver the drive for continual improvement in its health & safety performance.

Key areas for which supporting evidence relating to 2020 is required include:

Health and safety management system;

  • Provide evidence of how your organisation manages health and safety (accredited or in house health and safety management system).
  • Provide evidence of setting and achieving objectives (e.g. KPIs); provision of resources; compliance with legal and regulatory requirements.

Safety statement / health and safety policy;

  • Provide evidence that the safety statement / health and safety policy is signed, dated and relevant to the period of review.

Allocation of management responsibilities;

Index of policies and procedures

This is not an exhaustive list but presents a structure for applicants

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See section 3: Hazard Identification and Risk Management