• 1.  It is the content of the submission that is important. This should be presented as per the headings numbered 1–12 in the prompt list to ensure full allocation of marks.
  • 2.
    1. The following are important points in preparing your submission:
      • Follow the heading and reference numbering,
      • Ensure all points raised are covered in your submission,
      • Give reason(s) when you feel that a question may not be applicable in your case,
      • Ensure the evidence submitted for each section is cross referenced,
      • Limit the submission document to a maximum of one A4 folder measuring approx. 7.5 cm or 3 inches, paper submissions only,
      • Do not use plastic sleeves to insert documents.
  • 3.  Further information on how an organisation should put together a submission is available throughout the website or contact NISO or NISG. Make sure you consult the FAQ section.
  • 4.  All statements or performance claims will only be accepted if backed by documentary evidence.
    • Brevity and clarity should be of prime consideration.
    • Information and evidence required must only apply to the calendar year 2019.
    • No current year information is required except for accident statistics for the period 1 January – 31 March.
  • 5.  Statistics for accident performance should be included for as many years as possible. If records are not available for particular years, please indicate this by writing No Records. Indicate zero as 0.
  • 6.  Specific policies and/or procedures must be attached and referenced to the relevant sections covered, for example: Risk Assessment, First Aid, Emergency Procedures, Safe Systems of Work, etc.
    • Forms submitted should be relevant to your organisation’s submission.
    • Blank forms will not be considered as supporting evidence. Note: Confidential information may be blanked out.
  • 7.   If a guideline is not applicable in your case, state this fact and the reason why it does not apply.
  • 8.   To maximise marks, policy statements must be signed and dated.
  • 9.   Adjudicators can only mark on evidence that is submitted.
  • 10. Adjudicators can award marks* per section [sections 2 to 12] based on the quality of presentation to include: presentation in correct order, one lever arch type folder, easy cross referencing system, no plastic sleeves, no staples, etc. This accounts for approximately 3 per cent of total marks.

Adjudicators’ discretionary marking does not apply to the following awards:

11.  The Safety Awards are open to fully paid members of NISO or NISG only.

12.  Note the new section 7 for 2020 – Occupational Health and Occupational Hygiene


View the twelve sections where information must be submitted

View Section 1 : Entry Form – Statistics and Accident History* [pdf;564kB]

View / download the Awards Guide [pdf;814kB]

* Interactive fillable entry form which can be filled in using Acrobat Reader [PC/Mac] or Preview [Mac]