Policies and Procedures

4. Implementation and Operation of Health and Safety Policies and Procedures

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Organisations should ensure that effective measures and resources are in place to manage and control all health and safety risks. Health and safety policies and procedures should be developed and implemented.

Supporting evidence relating to 2019 required in key areas associated with this section must include current evidence of implementation and review.

Examples of the evidence required include but not limited to:

  • Safe Systems of Work;
  • Permit to Work;
  • The control of hazardous substances and materials;
  • Asbestos Management;
  • Personal protective equipment;
  • Good housekeeping;
  • Effective health and safety supply chain management
  • Copies of policies and procedures relevant to the above;
  • Evidence of implementation of the above.
  • Other evidence indicative of the hazard profile of your organisation.

This is not an exhaustive list but presents a structure for applicants.