Proactive Management

6. Proactive Health and Safety Management

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The organisation should continually evaluate and review the effectiveness of its health and safety management system and its safety statement / health and safety policy. The review should consider whether the policy and objectives continue to be appropriate and where necessary set new or updated objectives to achieve continual improvement.

Organisations should define the differences between health and safety audits and inspections with appropriate audit and inspection systems implemented within its operations.

By auditing the health and safety management system the organisation can review and continually evaluate its effectiveness. Health and safety inspections typically focus on the organisation’s compliance with health and safety legislation and employee’s compliance with the organisation’s health and safety policy and safe systems of work. Behavioural auditing techniques may be employed to assess health and safety culture, attitude and behaviours.

Supporting evidence relating to 2019 required in key areas associated with this section must include current evidence of implementation and review.

Examples of the evidence required:

  • Evidence of the planning and scheduling of internal and external audits and inspections;
  • Evidence of completed health & safety audits and inspection reports;
  • Audit responsibility and implementation including evidence of close-out;
  • Identification and promotion of best practice;
  • Health and Safety standards externally [contractors, sub contractors, suppliers, etc.];
  • Evidence of participation in internal and external health and safety promotions and awareness programmes and campaigns [with contractors and sub-contractors, suppliers, other interested parties, etc.]
  • Incentives relating to health and safety;
  • Evidence of attendance at NISO/NISG conferences, seminars, courses, quizzes, etc;
  • Copies of policies and procedures relevant to the above;
  • Evidence of implementation of the above.

This is not an exhaustive list but presents a structure for applicants.