Superior Performance

12. Demonstration of Superior Performance in Health and Safety

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Superior performance can be demonstrated by evidence of “going the extra mile”, performance over and above the legal requirement.

Only NEW evidence relating to 2018 will be marked.

There are a number of ways for organisations to demonstrate their superior performance in health and/or safety. These could include but are not limited to:

  • Evidence of what the organisation has implemented to maintain or improve the health and safety culture within the organisation;
  • Evidence of how best practice is identified and promoted within the organisation;
  • Evidence of participation in internal and external health and safety promotions and awareness programmes and campaigns [with contractors and sub-contractors, suppliers, other interested parties, etc.]
  • Evidence of effective health & safety supply chain management;
  • Evidence of providing advice, support and assistance to other organisations;
  • Evidence of promoting personal health and safety awareness outside normal work.

    Organised health and safety promotions and campaigns are proven ways of raising employee, and their families, awareness of important issues.

  • Evidence of innovative solutions;
  • Evidence of corporate social responsibility;
  • Evidence of wellbeing, counselling, lifestyle initiatives;
  • Evidence of senior managers undertaking health and safety qualifications;
  • Evidence of attendance at NISO/NISG conferences, seminars, courses, quizzes, etc;
  • Evidence of participation in organised health and/or safety campaigns at National, European or International level;
  • Evidence that the organisation has participated in or been acknowledged in any external award scheme(s);
  • Evidence that the organisation caters for persons’ disabilities.

This is not an exhaustive list but presents a structure for applicants.

The entrant who scores highest in this section relating to Superior Performance will win the “Anderco Superior Performance Award” sponsored by Anderco. This award will be made in addition to whatever other award the successful organisation has achieved.

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