9. Health and Safety Training

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Organisations should have effective policies and procedures for identifying health and safety training needs for all job functions at all levels within the organisation, specific training required by legislation and emergency preparedness. The policies and procedures should identify the needs at all levels within the organisation and may include contractors and visitors. Evidence should include identified health and safety training, courses organised and examples of course contents, competence of trainers, and training records. While the inclusion of the syllabi is important, do not include slides of courses / training.

Supporting evidence relating to 2023 required in key areas associated with this section must include current evidence of implementation and review.

Examples of the evidence required:

  • Training needs matrix;
    • Syllabuses and attendance records (do not submit course content / slides)
  • Induction training;
  • Statutory training;
  • Health and safety training for job functions;
  • Emergency Preparedness training (in support of section nine), etc;
  • Other training specific to the organisation (e.g. asbestos, etc);
  • Workplace transport / driving for work
  • Copies of policies and procedures relevant to the above;
  • Evidence of implementation of the above.

Provide policies and procedures relevant to the above.

Evidence of implementation of the above.

This is not an exhaustive list but presents a structure for applicants

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See section 10: Reactive Health and Safety Management